The 3rd Annual Patterson Porch Series


Our Performers:

Hannah Scalisi- “prolouge” from “Middletown”

Soberdose (Cheyenne Scott, Aiden Hanas, Ben Elwood, Donovan Nguyen, Landon Empy)- “Creep”

Jordan Hnatiw- “Not My Time”

Hannah Scalisi and Victoria Scalisi- “Getting Married Today” from “company”

Key Peck- “Fare Thee Well”

Kaylyn Beachner- “Line Without A Hook”

Kayla Guida- “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” from “Grease”

Leo Chung- “Stars” from “Les Miserables”

Thomas Gilbo and Lauren Graham- “It Only Takes A Taste” from “waitress”

Joey Calveric- “The Fed Up Genie”

Victoria Scalisi and Joel Maldonado- “You and I”

“Ready to be Loved” from “Edges”

Katie Kelly- “Beach Bunny”

Jake Seitz- “Vienna”

Ryan Hill- “You Raise Me Up”

Jacob Garofalo- “Footprints” from “the theory of relativity”

Julia Kulakowski- “Rise Up”

Nick Lopez- “Spain”

Lily Thorne- “Say Goodbye”

Mikey Mousaw, sam Cusimano, Jake Seitz, Caryn Patterson- “Rivers and Roads”

Teagan Brown- “All Falls Down” from “Chaplin”

Finale- “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman”


Caryn Patterson (Music), Scott Patterson (Music), Lisa Stuart (Dance), Kimberly Panek-Edwards (Acting)

Thank you to all those behind the scenes: Renee Frontale, Legende Mcgrath, Shane Patterson, Neil Minet, Tony Vadala, Chik-Fil-a, the Pattersons (home and food donations), and Sandi Thorne

and thank you for all your donations and support for the Cns musical!