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‘This Will Be Our Year’, an original musical, was a concept created by the artistic team at CNS High School, with the title drawing inspiration from the song, ‘This Will Be Our Year’ (The Zombies). With dialogue written by Kimberly Panek-Edwards and musical arrangements by Caryn Patterson of the great songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s, the musical focuses on a typical senior year pre-Covid era, they wanted to give back to the students the year that they have lost, in a creative way. The new musical touches on situations and events that happen throughout a student’s senior year in school from, falling in love, gossiping, bullying, the loom of high standards, to divorce, and heartbreak, along with the fun of promposals, prom, and graduation, among others. The musical features a vast variety of music such as: Joy to the World (Three Dog Night), Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver), I’m a Believer (The Monkees),  Come Together (The Beatles), Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding), Father and Son (Cat Stevens), Take a Chance on Me (ABBA), Dance to the Music/Twist and Shout (Sly and the Family Stone/The Beatles), Superstition (Stevie Wonder), You Don’t Own Me (Lesley Gore), Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) and Dancing in the Street (Martha and the Vandellas). The musical provides a tale that states that experiences and situations from high school will shape us into the people we will become. (- and it will be YOUR year!) 



JUDE- The “narrator” of our story. JUDE is a “Zack Morris” type of character who often has personal asides with the audience. He/She/They also feels the pressure of his/her/their future in following a path that has been planned for him/her/they, or chasing his/her/their dreams. Leader, charming, fun, friends with everyone.

JEREMIAH– Falls in love at first sight with a senior transfer, CORINA. Faces being part of a love triangle, but is true to himself. A great friend, genuine, kind.

CORINA- Senior student transfer from Florida. She loves art and is nervous about coming to a new school, until befriended by JEREMIAH. Is included in some drama, but also remains true to herself. Artsy type, carefree, doesn’t like being included in drama, trusting.  


BEN– Star athlete. Basketball is a big part of him in his high school career. Is in a relationship with SHERRY and finds himself in the center of gossip. Goal-oriented, listens to others, forgetful, always questions himself, wants to please others. 

SHERRY– Musical theatre lover. Has always been cast in ensemble roles but has worked hard to audition for a lead. Is in a relationship with BEN. With BEN, is involved in the gossip. She’s firm, strong, a believer, extremely loyal and a feminist of sorts.

HENRY– Extremely intelligent. Is on track to pursue a degree at Harvard. Also feels the pressure of high expectations and getting good grades. Does not have much of a social life. Witty, funny, “geeky”, should be a very good dancer, or willing to learn how to be.


ROSIE- Head “mean girl”. Doesn’t have much of a heart and loves stirring up drama.  

JUDY- The sensible one of the “mean girls”. Realizes cruelty isn’t right and that a toxic life is not for her. 

ANGIE– Ditzy one of the “mean girls”. Even though she’s not very smart, she has a very big heart 

SUNNY (SONNY) – An outsider, who doesn’t really enjoy school or social events. Best friends with Johnny. Great friend, caring, but bold. 

JOHNNY (JONNIE)– SUNNY’S sidekick. Also, an outsider. His/her/they friendship with SUNNY is what gets him through high school.

DAD– JUDE’S father. Has created a family business his son/daughter is to take over. Does not want to see his son/daughter struggle like he has had to do in the past. Loves dad jokes and sports.  

MR. D.– School teacher who is quick tempered and hates rule-breaking. Often the subject of SUNNY’S jokes. Falls in love with SCHOOL NURSE. 

SCHOOL NURSE– Epic school nurse. Falls in love with Mr. D. 

ENSEMBLE-(May be doubled with featured roles) Every person will be a part of the ensemble in some way, may it be in the classroom, in the halls, at prom, etc. Our ensemble will be made up of our cast playing various characters within a school from coaches, teachers, and of course, students. Our ensemble is unique in that there are featured songs and monologues just for the ensemble members. There is no small role in this show.