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Cicero-North Syracuse High School is pleased to announce their spring musical, ‘This Will Be Our Year’.  Join us as we give back a year to the high school students in a fun way! The production takes place on Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24 at 7:00 pm, and will be livestreamed via YouTube. 


(Front Row, L to R): Abby Calabria, Olive Crawford, Derrick Clark
(Second Row, L to R): Bowie Aldrich, Ryan Hill, Ciann Jackson
(Third Row, L to R): Thomas Gilbo, Kayla Guida, Jacob Garofalo, Jordan Hnatiw
(Fourth Row, L to R): Lily Dwyer, Benji Hoffman, Riley Crandall

‘This Will Be Our Year’, an original musical, was a concept created by the artistic team at CNS High School, with the title drawing inspiration from the 1968 song, ‘This Will Be Our Year’ (The Zombies). With a book written by Kimberly Panek-Edwards and musical arrangements by Caryn Patterson of the great songs of the 60’s and 70’s, the musical focuses on a typical senior year, in an effort to give back to the students the year that they lost last year, in a creative way. The new musical touches on situations and events that can happen throughout a student’s senior year, from falling in love, gossiping, the loom of high standards, to divorce and heartbreak, along with the fun of promposals, the prom, and the culmination of graduation. The musical provides a tale that states that experiences and situations from high school will shape us into the people we will become. Click here for more information on our original story!

(Front Row, L to R): Julia Kulakowski, Brady Marchak, Mikey Mousaw
(Second Row, L to R): Mackenzie White, Jess Ricciardi, Victoria Scalisi, Jake Seitz
(Third Row, L to R): Alaina Sokolowski, Grace Sugrue, Lily Thorne
(Fourth Row, L to R): Keith Peck, Reilly Williams-Gardner, Sydney Wright, Jaden Orloff

The C-NS musical is being directed by the Syracuse High School Student Theater award-winning team of Kimberly Panek-Edwards (Director), Caryn Patterson (Music Director), and Lisa Stuart (Choreographer). Haley Stuart is assistant to the choreographer, Rich Greninger is in charge of set construction, John Nadler is the tech director, and Renee Frontale is the producer for ‘This Will Be Our Year’.

Creative and Production Team
(Front Row, L to R): Lisa Stuart, Kimberly Panek-Edwards, Haley Stuart (Back Row, L to R): Mark Thorne, Renee Frontale, Sandi Thorne, Caryn Patterson, Rich Greninger
(Missing: John Nadler)

The Cast includes: Bowie Aldrich, Abby Calabria, Derrick Clark (Johnny), Riley Crandall, Olive Crawford (Brenda), Lily Dwyer, Jacob Garofalo (Mr. D), Thomas Gilbo (Dad), Kayla Guida (Sherry), Ryan Hill, Jordan Hnatiw, Benji Hoffman (Henry), Ciann Jackson (Nurse), Julia Kulakowski (Rosie), Brady Marchak (Jeremiah), Mikey Mousaw (Jude), Jaden Orloff (Angie), Keith Peck (Ben), Jessica Ricciardi, Victoria Scalisi (Barbra), Jake Seitz, Alaina Sokolowski (Kathie), Grace Sugrue, Lily Thorne (Corina), Mackenzie White, Reilly Williams-Gardner (Reilly WG), Sydney Wright (Sunny).

(Front Row, L to R): Ryan Hill, Abby Calabria, Jess Ricciardi, Bowie Aldrich,
Jake Seitz
(Middle Row, L to R): Mackenzie White, Grace Sugrue, Lily Dwyer, Ciann Jackson
(Back Row, L to R): Reilly Williams-Gardner, Jordan Hnatiw, Jacob Garofalo, Riley Crandall

Members of the Crew (Stage and Technical) include: Erin Barney, Megan Chase (Stage Manager), Autumn Corkle, Spencer Congel, Morgan Dudley, Carson Duffy, Savannah Hefner, Renee McGlone, Megan Miles, Autumn Ragonese, and Drew Williams.

(Front to Back, L to R): Drew Williams, Renee McGlone, Megan Chase, Morgan Dudley, Autumn Ragonese, Autumn Corkle, Spencer Congel (Missing: Erin Barney, Carson Duffy, Savannah Hefner, Megan Miles)


THE ADMIRED LEADER & THE NEW GIRL – Jeremiah & Corina (Brady Marchak & Lily Thorne)


Sunny & Johnny (Sydney Wright & Derrick Clark)

Kathie, Rosie & Angie
(Alaina Sokolowski, Julia Kulakowski, Jaden Orloff)

Eric (Dad), Brenda & Barbra (Thomas Gilbo, Olive Crawford, Victoria Scalisi)

THE BRAINIAC – Henry (Benji Hoffman)