CNS is proud to announce our 2023 spring musical,
mean Girls: High school version!

A ferociously funny new musical and a totally grool smash hit!

*Please note: the show contains some mature themes and may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.*

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(Front Row, L to R): Kaley Otis, Abby Calabria, Jessica Ricciardi, Eve Campitello, Val Lants, Natalie Aviles, Jordan Hnatiw, Natalie Pace
(2nd Row, L to R): Ethan Mieves, Emma Wall, Aither Logrono, Joey Calveric, Sergei Muller, Sydney Wright, Jake Seitz, Grace Sugrue, Reilly Williams-Gardner
(3rd Row): Gaby Pinoargotte, Leo Chung, Ava Tyler, Julia Kulakowski, Alaina Sokolowski, Isabella Borte, Sasha Wendt, Ryan Hill,
(Back Row): Heather Arnold, Kiera Kot, Alanna Manning, Liam Chung, Zach Heilig, Addison Romano, Shannon Brown
(Front Row): Connor Boyle
(2nd Row, L to R): Riley Vulcano, Emily Bedard, Samara Ochiabuto, Emerson Herrera, Alex Ortloff, Amari Nobles
(3rd Row, L to R): Ryan Williams, Gianna Montesano, Ariana Gehman, Victoria Nguyen, Mia Huynh, Poe Porter, Nate Luangaphay, Aiden Weiskopff
(4th Row, L to R): Brianna Brubach, Meg Cannella, Nicholas Abruzzese, Matt Woodworth, Julia Romano, Kat Kulesza, Kendra McCarthy, Donatella Borte, Jamie Johnson, Quinn Wilson, Sandya Powdyal
(Back Row, L to R): Shelby Ritchie, Lizzy Yorgey, Abby Neely, Nikki Niemczynowski, Tyler Abdo, Kaden Recore
(Missing: Hunter Lawless)
(Seated, L to R): Lydia Morris, Lily Misco, Andrea Iqbal, Helaina Morgan
(2nd Row, L to R): Maddie Rodoski, Nat Todero, Aiden Hanas
(Missing: Peyton Empey)
(Front Row, L to R): Eve Campitello, Shannon Brown, Jessica Ricciardi, Jake Seitz, Kaley Otis, Natalie Aviles
(2nd Row, L to R):  Abby Calabria, Aither Logrono, Jordan Hnatiw, Ryan Hill, Grace Sugrue, Maddie Rodoski, Nat Todero, Reilly Williams-Gardner, Kiera Kot, Alanna Manning, Heather Arnold
(Back Row, L to R): Nick Ferguson, Aiden Weiskopff, Sergei Muller, Sydney Wright, Julia Kulakowski, Alaina Sokolowski, Matt Woodworth, Poe Porter, Nicholas Abruzzese
(Missing:  Peyton Empey)